Warehouse Management Feature List

  • Barcode Scanner Management: Scan product while picking and packing and automatically create "Smart Pick Lists" of batch orders for warehouse efficiency.
  • Unlimited locators per warehouse: Products that exist in multiple places in the warehouse can be configured by the admin user.
  • Easy Replenishment: Get low-stock alerts and sales reporting to make more intelligent buying and planning decisions.
  • Smart Inventory Receiving – Purchase Orders created automatically increase or decrease the stock levels, ensuring accurate reporting. 

Flawless Execution and seamless operations

  • Bring together space efficiency, reporting, compliance and advanced workflows in one system
  • Integrate barcode hardware and warehouse equipment for automated processes
  • Decrease inventory carry and the cost of labor
  • Flexibility or control - unique WMS operations that complete the flow of information from the eCommerce system, physical store, vendor or other means of order

Warehouse Management Benefits

Efficient picking and packing not only reduces man power needed to efficiently run a warehouse, it ensures more accurate and timely orders from the facility to the customer's door. With optimized warehouse efficiency, orders for business-to-business and business-to-consumer buyers are delivered on-time and with less operational costs. B2B customers will get shipments within contractual ship time agreements.

The Smartstock360 differentiator

SmartStock360 automatically generates Smart Pick Lists that optimize a warehouse worker's manual route when packing and picking an order, ensuring less time is wasted on man hours, and the order is shipped quicker. SmartStock360 analyzes barcode information, warehouse layout and item location to deliver money-saving results. 

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