Continuous Support & Improvement

Our team of project managers, developers and technology experts are here to provide excellent service even after go-live is completed. We offer on-going maintenance and support to manage customers’ day-to-day needs...Custom tailored to each client.

All clients enrolled in SmartStock360 Managed Services have direct access to our OMS Development team to ensure immediate response to critical issues that may arise, 24/7. The Managed Services offering also includes system performance improvements and monitoring, enhancements & upgrades, and additional integrations in varying levels of support and service hours. 

The Smartstock360 Managed Services Offering Menu

  1. Performance Monitoring including analysis of your systems and optimizing processes
  2. Integration of enterprise systems added after launch
  3. Total system setup with turnkey administration
  4. Remote system monitoring and management
  5. International business hours support
  6. Seasonality and Peak Time planning and support
  7. Technical Support, Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
  8. Assistance with file transfer and data upload
  9. Assistance with building system rules and processes

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