Inventory Management Features

SmartStock 360 is an accessible, accurate solution that provides key benefits such as:

  • Inter-operability with all inventory sources such as multiple warehouses, inventory designation and channels
  • Automatic and immediate inventory updates upon shipping, receiving and invoicing activities
  • In-store pickup, delivery and ordering capabilities
  • Automatic low-stock level alerts with notification of chosen admins
  • Stock replenishment and inventory forecasting reports

Do you know what you own?

For products such as food, makeup, supplements or medicine, expiration dates can be a revenue-drain. Knowing what you own, and where that product is, lets your company sell through inventory with less dollar loss. 

Simplified product set-up with customizable fields means everything on-site and in-store is attributed correctly, and the customer can find exactly what they need with ease. 

On-boarding a new inventory management system doesn't have to be an enterprise-wide headache. Get started faster with bulk imports.

Don't know where to start? Read the 4-point Inventory Management Checklist eBook, compliments of SmartStock360. >>

The Importance of Inventory Management

Planning for and stocking the optimal amount of inventory ensures no sales interruption, and provides the customer with a better experience. When multiple warehouses, physical store locations and real-time online sales connect, many inventory management systems fail to deliver accurate inventory counts. Not knowing where your inventory is and how much is on hand can lead to loss of revenue and customer service issues. 

The SmartStock360 differentiator

SmartStock 360 delivers up-to-the-minute inventory counts from all locations, online and physical in one centralized dashboard. Business teams are empowered with customizable permissions, lessening the burden on IT and order management teams to report across the enterprise. 


Interested in how SmartStock360 can work for your business?

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