Advanced Fulfillment Management Feature List

  • Customizable workflows: Manage the flow of information from online order to the customer's door in the way that works for your business model. 
  • Vendor Integration: Integrate with any vendor or drop-shipper system with less on-boarding time. 
  • Centralized Dashboard: Stock levels, order status and reporting across all vendors, channels and company warehouses are accessible in one dashboard.

Fulfillment for Future-facing Companies

  • Improve customer satisfaction and provide best-in-breed fulfillment operations
  • Exceed competition and meet market demand across the world with international fulfillment capabilities
  • Eliminate lost business from backorders and poor order fulfillment levels
  • Stop incurring high penalty fees for not meeting service-level agreements

Why Fulfillment Management?

With a Fulfillment Management System (FMS) that unites all vendors and warehouses, order replenishment happens more efficiently and with greater accuracy.  The careful balance between avoiding excess inventory and avoiding out-of-stock products is the ultimate goal of any efficient retailer, SmartStock360 can help achieve that.

The Smartstock360 differentiator

Purchase Orders can be submitted to vendors via low-stock alerts before the item goes out-of-stock. By ensuring the customer always gets what they need, great buying experience is created. Build better relationships with your vendors through accurate invoicing and Purchase Orders, accessible to all relevant business units with just a few clicks. 

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