SmartStock360 Features Overview

Synchronizes orders across all sales channels. Automated workflows. Quicker turnaround times. The highest level of efficiency and productivity in a customizable suite of logistic management.

It’s inventory management for modern, future-driven businesses. Eliminate inventory silos and integrate business units enterprise-wide on one powerful system. 


Inventory Management

Intelligent inventory management eliminates out-of-stocks, back-orders, lost sales opportunities…And creates happy customers.

See the movement of your inventory – from warehouses, to store shelves, to the consumer, to point-of-sale… With real-time visibility. 

Order Management

With SmartStock360, synchronizing orders across sales channels is completely automated – bringing a true omni-channel experience to the customer. Efficiently fulfilling every order on the back-end with improved workflows reduces time spent on administrating OMS systems, freeing up the business team’s time to be more strategic.

SmartStock360 has rules and process based ordering capture, allocation and fulfillment, designed with customer satisfaction at the forefront. 



Warehouse Management

SmartStock360 provides one true source for all business units to access the full order lifecycle. No more lost orders or lack of visibility – track every single order in real-time from capture to door. 

Advanced Fulfillment Management

No two companies fulfill the same way. Across industries, verticals and business models – there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. SmartStock360 allows for fully customizable work flows to meet business requirements and provide the highest levels of productivity.

SmartStock360 enables integration with all drop-shippers, vendors and multiple warehouses – with all channels accessible in one centralized dashboard.

With our Pick-Pack-Ship solution, as well as batch pick lists, order packaging is streamlines and man hours are reduced. 



In-store Fulfillment

SmartStock360 manages in-store inventory from the central dashboard, allowing for fulfillment directly from brick-and-mortar stores when enabled. Eliminating out-of-stocks and backorders from insufficient stock at the warehouse means more sales and happier customers. 

Vendor Management

Vendor relationships are critical to drive consistent sales and forecast for the future. SmartStock360 manages all vendors in one consolidated system – Purchase Orders and stock replenishments can be completed with a few clicks.

With log-ins to portals for each vendor, merchants can easily import and export orders, as well as maintain inventory available. Accurate inventory from drop-shippers ensures that out-of-stocks or cancelled orders are reduced. 



Shipping Management

SmartStock360 connects to over 60 shipping carriers, allowing for shipping price comparison on one singular dashboard. Automated tools can be enabled to select the lowest shipment cost, or a preferred carrier.

Customer service teams receive up-to-date tracking information automatically, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing inaccurate shipping information. 

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